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Dra. Sandra Poveda’s team is utterly committed to providing the best service in dental industry. Their main goal is to bring superior oral health and beauty to all of the patients that come from around the world  to take our service.

A Team Dedicated To Your Smile

Dra. Sandra Poveda

Sandra Poveda is a Colombian Odontologist graduated from La Universidad del Bosque, with more than  19 years of experience. Her main focus in her life and her work, has been the smiles she brings to people. . “As an odontologist you are just not there to help your patients with their pain or discomfort, but also to improve their appearance. People who were afraid to smile can do so now with confidence. A beautiful smile makes them look better, and when I see that smile on their faces, I cannot help but smile as well.”

Carolina Rueda

Dra. Caroline Giraldo

Dra. Natalia Montes

Ingrid Oyuela

Niyired Bernal

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Specialized Services for Comprehensive Oral Health

Beauty is not only transmitted through a perfect smile, but also through a comprehensive care for oral hygiene that prolongs oral beauty and overall wellness.

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Located in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of the Colombian capital, Dr. Sandra Poveda's practice location offers the best options for accommodations, entertainment and restaurants that you can find in Bogotá. Consult with us and we will be more than happy to assist you during your stay.




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