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Hello! I am Sandra Poveda, a Colombian dentist graduated from El Bosque University, with more than 24 years of experience. The focus in my work and life has always been to bring smiles to people.

Not only through the Clinic but also supporting humanitarian campaigns in Colombia and the world, I love helping others smile with confidence.

I invite you to have the best dental experience possible. We are waiting for you!

The technology used in our clinic for all procedures has the best quality standards. We have all the security measures and a highly trained team to provide you with the best dental treatment.

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We want you to be part of our thousands of happy customers that we have been able to help in these more than 24 years of service.

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At Sandra Poveda’s clinic you will receive the best care in exclusive and comfortable facilities designed for the best dental experience. We know that your oral well-being is in our hands and since we have done it for 20 years, you will be guaranteed a beautiful and healthy smile.

Specialized Services for Comprehensive Oral Health

Beauty is not only transmitted through a perfect smile, but also through comprehensive oral health care that maintains and prolongs oral beauty and your general well-being.

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Located in one of the best sectors of the Colombian capital, the location of the Dr. Sandra Poveda Dental Clinic offers the best options for accommodations, entertainment and food that you can find in Bogotá.




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